Partner Story: Christian

carlos“Before working at Joe V’s Smart Shop, I was working at Food Town for about a year. When the opportunity came to apply for the first Joe V. Smart Shop, I was one of the first ones on board. I got hired working in the dairy department and making orders.

Not long after, I became the leader of my department. My store’s Top Leader (U.D) saw potential in me and decided to give me an opportunity to keep on proving myself by offering me a leadership position as a PIC. It took me about six months to fully master the duties. After seeing that I was successful in the dairy department as well as the PIC of the store much prior experience, my manager decided to challenge me by taking control over the night crew.

It was not an easy task, I can surely say it has been the hardest position I’ve been in, but that has not stopped me from overcoming obstacles. I now hold the position of Center Store Manager at Joe V’s Smart Shop #6. I still have a lot to prove and my journey is just beginning in a long successful career with Joe V’s Smart Shop.”

– Christian

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