Partner Praise: Juan

“Juan was hired as a scanner at the grand opening of our Uvalde Smart Shop and continued exceeding expectations in that role. He took on additional responsibilities even though he was attending school as a full time college student and showed interest in developing his career with Smart Shop.

A lead scanning opportunity opened up and he succeeded through the interview and his training. He learned his duties quickly and was always looking to learn new things and develop himself. He soon was trained to do Business Center and Bookkeeping. After this he became interested in SORM and took on more of a leadership role helping with scheduling, ordering, and service as the leadership presence when the Service Manager was off. After doing this, he discovered Center Store truly peaked his interest and applied for the open Receiver position. He was promoted to this role and has been learning all aspects of Center Store on managing financials in receiving, some shelf edge responsibilities, ordering and pest control.

Juan was recently accepted and completed the Career Development Series to assist his learning and development to apply for SORM and become a Center Store Department Manager.”

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