Fresh Meat Everyday

Michelle, our Joe V’s Smart Shop Meat Procurement Buyer knows meat. She’s been working for Smart Shop for the past 3 years and in the meat industry for 18+ years providing customers high quality, fresh meat at discount prices every day. We asked her a couple of questions to learn more about how our stores help customers shop smart.

Q) How much meat does Joe V’s Smart Shop sell?

A) “Each store sells entire truckloads of fresh meat per week.”

Q) On average, how long does meat sit on the shelf before it’s purchased?
A) “We cut fresh meat in our stores daily, which typically sells the same day we put it on the shelves. We grind fresh ground meat several times per day.”

Q) How are Joe V’s Smart Shop meat cutters trained?
A) “We send our partners to our cutting school where they learn how to cut great quality meat safely. They also receive on the job training to keep their skills and knives sharp.”
Interested in becoming a Meat Cutter, view job openings.

Q) What are the best value meat for Smart Shop customers?
A) “Our meat bundles are a great value for our customers. Joe V’s Smart Shop saves on packaging and labor costs so we pass those savings along to the customers. We bundle some of our top selling items and give the customer a discount versus buying all these items separately. In each bundle, the customer get 5 varieties of meat for 20 bucks. That’s 5 dinners.”

“In addition to our $20 Meat Bundles, we also offer low prices everyday on select cuts. We know our customers want to save on those everyday essentials. Setting prices that don’t change allow them to budget easily. We sell leg quarters, always $0.37 per pound, split breast always $1.17 per pound, pork chop, always 1.27 per pound and t-bone steaks always for $4.97 per pound.”

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